22 April 2007

Do we care a fig for Earth Day?

Thank you to Isabella and her lovely bunny rabbit at Naples DP for the reminder that it's Earth Day today. It's also the day the French choose their new President. Even though I'm a tax-paying French resident I'm not allowed to vote in National elections - only the local election for Mayor and of course for the European parliament. I hope the French choose well today. If you haven't visited Eric's Paris DP blog, please do so and click on both 'a Funny Mix' and 'Winner.' I fell off my chair laughing at Winner. It's brilliant.

So, an olive or a fig to honour Earth Day? Both conjure up the Mediterranean for me but I chose this fig simply because it is so old, probably over 100 years. It's a great tree that's withstood polution and everything thrown at it and it gives me beautiful figs in August/September. I took the photograph this morning - it's not in full leaf yet and still has only a few tiny fruits showing promise for the harvest. It's such a privilege to have this wondrous tree in my garden. You can read what the dogs think of it here.

Thank you so much to Isabella, Alice and Abraham for help in changing the width of my blog and the size of the photos. Hope you like the new look.


  1. Yes, it makes a big difference. Being able to see what is in the photograph without having to go somewhere else is very nice and comforting. I like it and I also like your photograph of a fig tree. I think it is the first time in my lifetime I have ever seen one.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. Bravo, Jilly - bien fait!

    This fig tree is so apropos for today's post - it seems to be growing out of the rock, nurtured only by Mother Nature and without any help from us...

    That large photo of echium is awesome ;-)

  3. The new format shows the tree off to perfection and I like the quote too. Figs are great for shade.
    Have a good Sunday.

  4. Bravo, bravo! I do like your large photos! We can see many fig trees in Brittany but I have naver seen matured fruits...

  5. You're invited to play LOST:


  6. Your new format is very good. This tree is stunning. You have history in your garden...


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