07 September 2011

Bussana Vecchia - Close the Door!

The little girl has the job of closing the massive front door.


La petite fille a la tâche de fermer la porte d'entrée massive.


  1. This little girl is learning to be quite capable.

  2. It looks like a heavy solid door, I wouldn't have imagined they'd have to worry too much about things like that is this gorgeous town filled with artisty types Jilly.

  3. Another stunning shot. I do not want to leave Bussana Vecchia.

  4. What a beautiful place! I think I'd like to live there. Is the massive door the entrance to their house, or to a courtyard w/the house just beyond?

  5. My brain is gradually getting back on local time. Again, thank you for your hospitality and generosity when we visited Menton. The young lady's mother needs to lend a hand in this shot.

    By the way, now I understand where you took your header photo from.

  6. That door must be well balanced if such a little girl can close it on her own. Great perspective in your first photo, lovely family shots in the 2 others.


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