11 September 2011

Bussana Vecchia - Last Look...

One last look at the village of Bussana Vecchia but one day we will return. Thanks so much to everyone who has so kindly commented and who obviously loves this extraordinary village as much as I did - and do!


Un dernier regard sur le village de Bussana Vecchia mais nous y reviendrons un jour. Merci beaucoup à tous ceux qui ont si gentiment commenté et qui aiment évidemment ce village extraordinaire autant que je l'ai aimé et que je l'aime encore!


  1. Thank you for this beautyful discovery. I'll go there and visit the place, that's sure!

  2. she will be waiting for you to return. i think this village opened herself to you as much as you opened yourself to her. a wonderful series, jilly. thank you.

  3. When we visit the area again, this will need to be a day trip.

  4. Beautiful series of images from this amazing village Jilly, have enjoyed it as you know from the beginning. So many intriguing nooks and crannies to explore and the history..just incredible!

  5. Oh, I hate to leave this magical place, but I'm also curious as to where you will take us next.

  6. Sharon spoke my feelings. I don't want to leave, but I know you've got something wonderful in store.

  7. That first photo just wraps this incredible place into a lovely parting scene. If there was a Chamber of Commerce for Bussana Vecchia, you would have to be appointed the "chief."


  8. The last is a lovely au revoir Jilly. The gate makes it.

  9. Beautiful final series - glad you posted them all.

    Thanks Jilly for a wonderful visit.I fell in love with this village.


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