29 September 2011

A Village Wedding - the Bridegroom

The bridegroom leads the guests, past the old elm tree and into the village square. The lady with him is his mother who, as per tradition, will present him. His father is the man wearing the sunglasses.

Soon they will walk up the village, through the ancient archway, to the Mairie for the civil ceremony. In France, there are two ceremonies - one civil, one religious. Sometimes they are held on separate days with just a few members of the family attending the civil marriage and then everyone arrives the next day for the big church service and reception.

Today, though, both ceremonies will take place - first in the Mairie and then a short walk to the church for the religious service.

Tomorrow - the bride.


Le marié en tête du cortège conduit les invités en bas au-delà du vieil orme sur la place du village. La dame à son bras est sa mère qui, selon la tradition, le présentera. Son père est le monsieur portant des lunettes de soleil.

Bientôt, ils vont entrer dans le village, à travers la voûte ancienne, et arriver à la mairie pour la cérémonie civile. En France, il y a deux cérémonies - l'une civile, l'autre religieuse. Parfois, elles ont lieu à des jours différents avec juste quelques membres de la famille assistant au mariage civil et ensuite avec tous les invités pour la cérémonie à l'église et pour la réception.

Aujourd'hui cependant, les deux cérémonies auront lieu le même jour - d'abord à la mairie puis après une courte promenade à l'église pour le service religieux.

Demain - la mariée.


  1. A brother and his sister... on his wedding day. Very cute, and unusual. The man behind the groom (wearing sunglasses) looks like his bodyguard ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. His top button is already loosened ... pressure!!

  3. I like that there's no cars being intrusive, just beautifully dressed wedding guests in the street,walking. Can't wait ti see the bride.

  4. Congratulations to them both.

  5. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. A wedding is something we have not encountered in our village in Vaucluse when we have been there.

  6. Awww...I get all teary at weddings, especially in ones where the couple seems to be older. The groom here does anyway; let's see tomorrow!

  7. This is such a romantic place for weddings.

  8. How many heads have passed under that archway! And each with so many stories to tell.


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