23 September 2011

Flamenco in Gorbio - Attitude

A few more shots of the fabulous male dancers appearing at the Flamenco Festival in Gorbio.


Encore quelques photos de superbes danseurs masculins participant au Festival de Flamenco de Gorbio.


  1. Sorry I've been away a bit. Really like your flamenco shots; would love to have seen him perform.

  2. Hi Jilly, keep your beautiful flamenco photos coming! Too bad that the couples night was rained out. (you know me by now - you have to explain the obvious as I'm a total DUH)

    The ladies seem to have more colorful costumes(?) than the men. :-)

    Thanks a million for posting your photos for the rest of us to enjoy.


  3. Since yesterday, I 'm admiring especially the faces of those men! a lot of tension and focus here!

  4. You nailed them, Jilly. Three different effects. The top is a perfect conventional portrait, with great lighting. The middle is a superb detail shot with excellent use of a restricted DOF. And your last shot emphasizes the motion of clapping hands. Great!

  5. Your photos capture the intensity of this dance form.

  6. Oh, those are good. Perfect details, perfect lighting. Flamenco can be a bit scary. It's so intense it seems capable of breaking out into violence at any moment.

  7. three marvelous images, capturing the energy of the moment as only you can.


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