24 September 2011

The Fortune Teller

'Isn't it strange? The same people who laugh at gypsy fortune tellers take economists seriously.' ~ Cincinnati Enquirer

You'll find this lady for sale at 'Allo Robert' in Menton. I didn't ask the price.


"N'est-ce pas étrange? Les mêmes gens qui se moquent de Bohémiens diseurs de bonne aventure prennent les économistes au sérieux." ~ Cincinnati Enquirer

Vous trouverez cette dame à acheter chez "Allo Robert" à Menton. Je n'ai pas demandé le prix.


  1. Probably just as well.

    I was in a teensy, woegegone shop in Chitern in NE Victoria a couple of weeks ago, and in the window was a box of Hornby model train stuff. I am sure you know of it. It looked like it was straight out of the '50s. The box was about the size of a Monopoly set. The bloke wanted $450 for it. It was covered in dust ...

  2. I like the quote, but the .."robot" makes me feel scarry!

  3. great quote plus great photo equals excellent post.

  4. Love the photo and the quote Jilly, but I'm with Malyss on this one, they always look like their eyes are following you, creeeeeepy!

  5. she is exquisite. I almost cannot tell whether she is real...

  6. Fantastic quote ! I've heard it said that economists are no more than fortune tellers and seeing what's happening these days I'm afraid they are dangerous creatures too.

    Love the photo. I've never tried one of these, I have no idea what kind of message you get when you operate them.

  7. Wow, what a great great photo. I saw it on my phone first & thought it was a poster for some kind of Golden Years of Hollywood film!

  8. She looks like Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones


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