19 September 2011

Manon and Quentin

If you know the fabulous Restaurant Beausejour in Gorbio you will know Manon and Quentin who serve you with their beautiful smiles. They are sister and brother and help their parents, Yvan and Naila during the busiest times.

Quentin is a musician and plays with the group depicted on his t-shirt, Can't Bear This Party. The music is described as 'happy core' - 'the opposite of hardcore. Where hardcore is usually filled with a hateful lyrical and musical theme, easycore is built on happiness in all its glory, while still including the heavy parts.' I like the notion of 'happy core,' don't you? Click on the link to hear the music from their new album.


Si vous connaissez le magnifique restaurant Le Beauséjour à Gorbio vous devez connaitre Manon et Quentin qui servent avec leurs beaux sourires . Ils sont soeur et frère et aident leurs parents, Yvan et Naïla pendant les périodes de coups de feu.

Quentin est musicien et joue avec le groupe représenté sur son t-shirt, 'Can't Bear the Party.' La musique est décrite comme "happy core ", le contraire de "hardcore". Là où le hardcore est généralement empli de thème musical lyrique haineux , le "easycore" est construit sur le bonheur dans toute sa gloire. J'aime la notion de "happy core" et vous, aimez-vous? Cliquez sur le lien pour entendre la musique de leur nouvel album.


  1. Another of your wonderful trademark portraits, Jilly: sister, brother and bear.

  2. They look as happy as the lady who served sandwiches to Jack in Hartford the other day. There must be something about working in a sandwich shop that makes people happy.

  3. Gorgeous portrait of very good looking siblings Jilly.

  4. Then maybe he was the one who played the piano while I was in Gorbio? I heard someone play when I went along the restaurant.
    Barbara from Germany

  5. Hah! I wasn't expecting to read Dave's comment while getting ready to type mine. I think the real trick is that people are happy if they like what they are doing and if they have some self-confidence. That can be in an office, outdoors or in a sandwich shop.

    Nice portraits today, Jilly. I like the idea of "happy core," but they have to be careful to keep it away from "sappy."

  6. You never fail to produce marvelous portraits dear Jilly! Lovely and hte lighting perfect as well.

  7. Here we go, imitating one another again. These two are so lovely, though, that they bear (sorry) many repeated views.

  8. Bob, that's what happens when photographers come to Menton and we go out together!

    I remember pointing out the D and G sunglasses to you in Ventimiglia. When you asked Manon and Quentin if you could take their photograph, well, I couldn't stand by and not have a go too! It's a lovely thing sharing a shot - at least it was for me. And your expertise...

  9. How beautiful a pic of these beautiful young people.....they are gracious and charming and gorgeous.


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