16 September 2011

A Shower with Graffiti

The beach showers in Ventimiglia are of a lesser quality than those in Menton.


Les douches de la plage de Vintimille sont de moindre qualité que celles de Menton.


  1. coordinated panties and footwear...in france there seems to be a fashion sense awakened at birth.

  2. It may be the angle of the photo, but that shower head looks like it was installed for basketball players, not small children.

  3. Oh don't you just want to pinch those chubby brown cheeks!

  4. What a darling little girl! No wonder the public beaches in France are full of Italians. Menton does such a beautiful job of maintaining the beaches, power washing the pebbles, filtering the water with little flat-bottomed boats during the season, even bringing in sand. We found the private beaches on the Italian Riviera were wonderful, but the public beaches were a mess.

  5. The beach showers at Menton certainly are nice, but I modestly assert "we" do them even better! You have inspired me to seek out a beach shower or two this summer!!!


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