10 September 2011

Bussana Vecchia - the Second Church

This is all that is left of the smaller second church. I wonder how many years will pass before it finally gives up the struggle and the pigeons will have nowhere to roost.


C'est tout ce qui reste de la seconde église, la plus petite. Je me demande combien d'années s'écouleront avant qu'elle abandonne finalement le combat et que les pigeons n'aient plus nulle part où se percher.


  1. beautifully tender, jilly.

  2. Bussana Vechhia has become an "old friend". We shall miss it!

  3. "Tender" is a good word, Brattcat. This church is something to stir the heart. Thanks, Jilly.

  4. This is such a special site and I've enjoyed Bussana Vecchia so much. Something about the feel of the place, the old stone, the hillside/mountain, the sky. Beautiful photographs you've shared with us.

  5. That's a sad sight. My heart weeps when I think of the day it crumbled down. Perhaps someone will come to renovate it?


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