30 September 2011

A Village Wedding - the Bride

Proud Papa walks his second daughter, Sandra, to the Mairie for the civil ceremony. You've already met the adorable Winona, the bride's niece.

Tomorrow is Theme Day so we'll have one day away from the wedding, but not from Gorbio.

Sunday: the civil ceremony and the Mayor.


Papa, très fier, conduit Sandra sa deuxième fille à la mairie pour la cérémonie civile. Vous avez déjà rencontré l'adorable Winona, nièce de la mariée.

Demain, c'est journée thématique nous aurons une journée loin de la noce, mais pas loin de Gorbio.

Dimanche: la cérémonie civile et le maire.


  1. The bride is pretty, but I have to admit that Winona is the real Queen (or princess!) of the day!

  2. what joy, expressed in each face, in all the body language.

  3. She looks radian, and so very happy. Lovely shot Jilly.

  4. Lovely! So very tasteful.

  5. Sweet pictures. I love the kids.

  6. Winona will always steal the show. Her male escorts are quite handsome and attentive.


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