18 September 2011

Designer Sunglasses

The lady with the Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses - another subject Bob (Saint Louis Daily Photo) and I both photographed. Personally I've never understood the appeal of sunglasses, or anything else we wear, that's plastered with a designer's trademark.

Anyway, I spend my life losing sunglasses...


La dame porte les lunettes de soleil griffées Dolce Gabbana - un autre sujet que Bob (Saint Louis Daily Photo) et moi-même avons photographié. Personnellement, je n'ai jamais compris le besoin de porter des lunettes de soleil - ou tout autre chose - affichant la griffe d'un designer.

De toutes façons, je passe ma vie à perdre mes lunettes de soleil ...


  1. I agree with you. I now wear nothing with a designer's logo. I think they should pay me if I do!

    And like you, I lose glasses. I always buy my reading glasses in a dollar store....

  2. The DG people should offer to buy that top photo for their advertising campaign. Great shots.

  3. I agree Jilly, T shirts and jeans with designer names all over are so uncool, love vintage shopping these days. It is however a very cool photo in B&W with shadows and shapes.

  4. I don't buy designer stuff for the logo, with one exception. But I do buy clothes that have a logo from a place we have been, as I figure it is a souvenir, but it serves a practical purpose. A dear friend has described my wardrobe as "logo sh#t," so that has inspired me to buy more just to tease her.

    The exception is that I do buy La Martina clothes because my son lives in Buenos Aires, and I only get to see him a few times a year, and I feel more connected to him when I wear clothes from Argentina.

    Julie does not buy things for the label, and she is not clued in to the fashion world. In fact, she once bought a Roberto Cavalli gown and all the accessories in a Roberto Cavalli shop in Venice and neither of us had heard of Roberto Cavalli.

    Julie does have a lot of clothes and favors Escada. The salesman at an Escada store once even commented to her that "You have such an Escada butt."

    I have told her a few times that her Escada butt is late to someplace where she is supposed to be.

  5. I think it foolish to wear items with large logos and agree that they should pay me to wear them, not the other way around. Bad taste is not cheap either.

  6. One of the laws of nature, along with gravity and evolution, is that the cheaper the sunglasses, the longer they last. I have one pair I bought for $1, and I can't seem to lose them, no matter how hard I try.

  7. Personally, I don't like them on these sunglasses, because they are too big for the glasses. But, in general, I can't be too critical, because for many kinds of clothing, visible logos are inevitable.If golfwear didn't have a logo, golfing people would think it is junk and wouldn't wear it.

  8. I like how your version obscures the front of her face, depriving her of public identification to go along with the logo. I've always felt that brandishing these logos of self-styled luxury goods was a mark of insecurity.

  9. I never quite understood that either. But try to find apparel without silly logos is difficult. Love the black and white pic!


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