12 September 2011

Ventimiglia: Retail Therapy

Ventimiglia's Friday market. Does this beautiful girl buy a dress?

She doesn't...


Marché de Vintimille du vendredi. Cette belle jeune fille va-t-elle acheter une robe ?

Elle ne l'achète pas...


  1. Gorgeous girl. No one would notice if she bought a new dress; they'd look at her.

  2. If retail therapy works, there must be a lot of healthy, happy people on the Riviera.

    It reminds me of a billboard I used to see near the LA Airport. It showed a blond next to a red Mercedes convertible. The caption was "Fire Your Therapist."

  3. and she looks rather sad about it.

  4. She is beautiful. Did you buy a dress Jilly?? Love 'retail therapy'.

  5. Brattcat, yes she does. In fact, she was very animated with several friends but that second I caught her, she was looking like this.

    PerthDailyPhoto, the good thing about walking around markets with a camera is that you have to hold on to it and can't look and try on dresses at the same time. Mind you, any money I save in not buying clothes, goes onto camera gear - and how...many of us are the same, I'm sure.

  6. She has a lovely face with a striking shape but her make-up and hair are overdone. It makes her look a bit tawdry. She looks depressed. Maybe it's just the light.


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