27 June 2007

Clean up time

This craft is owned by the water company so I presume the operator is picking up rubbish and so cleaning up the sea for the bathers. The truth is I'm not really sure but can't think of another reason the water company would be here. Can you?


  1. Anonymous27 June, 2007

    Does your drinking water come from there? That could be a reason. Maybe they know something you don't know about the water.

    It might be funny.

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  2. Taking in water and bottling it under the Evian brand?
    Just kidding, Jilly ;-)
    Love the photo!

  3. Hmmm...very very fishy indeed! :-D

  4. Isabella...now that's funny! Perhaps the chap is offering company water to the swimmers who are undoubtedly thirsty, ahem! On second thought,I like Isabella's reply. :-) As always, beautiful and inviting photo. I love the sun.

  5. Jilly, I love the landscape!! Beautiful--what a delightful place in which to live!

  6. Making sure everyone has their bikini bottoms on???

  7. oh ming! You are indeed merciless :-D Ha!

    I agree with kate by the way. That facade is just so beautiful. I never tire of seeing it.

  8. They are just running tests to check the number of bacteria where people swim. If it is elevated they need to take action.


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