06 June 2007

Dogs on beaches

Dogs are allowed on only two beaches in Menton - this is the entrance to one of them, which is just in front of the casino. In the background you see Cap Martin. Are dogs allowed on beaches in your city/country?


  1. Hi Jilly - thanks for your kind words about Charlie. I know we'll have another dog someday (and most likely from a heeler rescue or the humane society) but it's inconceivable right now. We'll know when the time is right & there's no question we have room in our hearts for another 4 legged friend.
    In response to your post - we are lucky in Madison to have at least 2 beaches in town so most people take their dogs there. It's rare to see a dog at a 'people' beach.

  2. I take the dogs to Barton Springs. It is a natural spring fed pool in downtown. All the dogs go swimming by the spillway where the sign reads no swimming and no dogs! LOL

  3. We sure do! One is near the famous Lovers Key State Park in Bonita Springs. Nice spot to watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico with your canine friend...

  4. Yes, our dogs are allowed but people are asked to clean up after them. Actually, the dogs often make smaller messes than the people.

  5. I do not believe that the dog likes the beach

    the dogs go to the beach constrained and forced, they prefer to
    remain in the shade of a tree with a little water

    The dogs also come to give pleasure with their Master

  6. I depends. On those beach managed by private (in Italy all beaches are under State property) they sometime place a plaquette that means dogs aren't allowed :-(

  7. I think they aren't allowed on beaches but I'm not sure since I don't go to the beach here.

    I think the parks department is afraid the dog will sh*t on the sand. :-)


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