13 June 2007

A view from the bridge

Come with me for a walk across the 12th century fortified bridge in Sospel. Here we are half-way across. Tomorrow we'll walk to the little restaurant you see in the distance.


  1. What a charming archway! I love the little window above the arch but not sure if it's big enough for me.

    I look forward to more photos from the trip.

  2. I'd love to walk these old stone paths!

  3. Very attractive perspective! I like the paving stones, are they pebbles?
    And, Jilly, thank you for passing by Arradon, so you don't know Carnac and its famous standing stones???

  4. I think we should stop to check the menu.

  5. You did not warn me we'd be walking today...and I'm wearing my pumps!
    I'll change to trainers (is that what you Brits call them?) for tomorrow ;-)

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  7. I wish I could have joined you on that walk :-D

    Sospel looks like such a charming town.

    To what does that little window belong? Is there a home or a shop there?

    Are those doorways in that arch?

  8. Alice, I left a message on Arradon.

    Kate, yes, we'll visit for lunch. In fact that's where I did have lunch.

    And Isabella, well yes, I believe the Brits do call them trainers but you won't need them for this part of Sospel. Pumps will do so long as they don't have heels and will grip the stones a little.

    Ann, the little window is part of what was once a 12th century toll bridge. I guess that's where someone sat and took the money or whatever they took in those long off days.

  9. Bewitching photo! Such extremely old constructions as this one always have something mysterious about them.

    And thank you for visiting my blog.

  10. Toll bridge. I would have never guessed at that. Suppose they dropped a bucket on a string of something.

    The walk has done me good. I'm ready to go to the office now that I have had my daily tour.


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