04 June 2007

Gorbio Village - Bar Les Terrasses

There are three restaurants in Gorbio - this one is also very much a bar where you can pop in for a café, a Ricard or a biere and chat to the locals. The owner's wife keeps the village shop. The restaurant has a Corscian menu - often sanglier stew (wild boar) is available. The waiter is a wonderful old boy with barely a tooth in his head and a wonderfully wild moustache. Gorbio, which is just above Menton attracts many walkers so apart from locals, you'll find tourists during the season, with their heavy boots and their sticks. I live 2.5 kilometres below the village (by road) but there is a donkey track I can walk up which takes about 10 or 15 minutes depending on how energetic I'm feeling! Once upon a time all the produce, building materials, everything - was taken to this medieval hill village by donkey using this track.


  1. Anonymous04 June, 2007

    Great story, Thank you. JgA

  2. Anonymous04 June, 2007

    Truly a nice place and excellent photo. I would go there if I could as I have never been anywhere in France or in Menton or somewhere to eat or taste Wild Boar.

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  3. Ha! Let's be honest - the time it takes you on the donkey trail depends on whether you visited the Bar Les Terrasses or not ;-)

    And the poor waiter - he probably can't even taste the spécialité de la maison", can he?

  4. oh this looks gorgeous, must be like living in heaven!

  5. Fantastic descriptions and story behind the photo.

  6. You tell very well stories, do you know? But please, could you show us some photos of this donkey track?

  7. Alice

    I will post a photograph of the donkey track but meanwhile you'll find one at this link:


    Scroll down - it's the 6th pic down.

  8. Jilly, I always find funny this idea we are writing our comments just at the same time! Have a good day.

  9. Jilly, looking for your link at a wrong place, I found one of your blogs and read about Scupper...Just above this comment, I've said you tell very well stories, it' still true but this one is too sad.

  10. Wow! It looks beautiful! I have to come visit Menton one day.


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