10 June 2007

Vide grenier

There's a vide grenier on in Gorbio village today. Everyone turns out their attics to raise money for the village children's sporting activies. The large tree in the centre is an elm that dates back to 1710. If you click on this following link, you'll find a good way to get a Tall Drink.


  1. Anonymous10 June, 2007

    I assume these kinds of sales are successful and money is raised for the charity. It looks like a kind of what we call a "flea market."

    Nice shot.

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. It's me!
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. the French invented Marchés aux Puces
    (flea markets / street markets ) did they not?

    Nice picture--i feel like I'm there.

  3. I meant the name --Puces -- fleas, for the markets.
    and they seem to take them to the streets to the town center which is nice. I never came across one in France, but was lucky in Amsterdam --the entire city seemed to join in. It is a fun way to raise funds--

  4. I like to stroll up and down these markets.

  5. Is the dog for sale? ;-)))

  6. Those mountains - wonderful. That tree - beautiful. The people - delightful. I wish I were there, Jilly.


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