25 June 2007

Pur-sang Arabe - 2

No - I didn't take this photograph. Let me introduce you to my friend, fellow dog-lover, and first Guest Photographer, Katie de Gea. Katie lives in the Var and is a brilliant artist and web designer. Take a look at her work on the Pension Milou website.

Not only did we spend two brilliant days at the Arabian horse show but with Katie, I discovered areas of Menton I didn't know existed. She also explained the intricacies of my camera (a Canon Ixus 850 IS) so hopefully, what I've learned will be evident in future photograhs! Katie's camera is a Canon EOS 350D. Thanks for a great weekend, Katie!


  1. Anonymous25 June, 2007

    I am always curious about horses reacting like this one is. There must be something disturbing the man is doing as the horse is not responding normally. Maybe the man did his thing to get this response but I don't like it.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. You are right, Abraham. They do a variety of things to get the horse to react, to appear feisty. Outside the ring, people had plastic bags on the end of wires, and bashed these on the ground making a noise - or make a racket against the barriers. I didn't like it either although I did note that the horses and handlers seemed to have a good rapport the rest of the time - simply they have to be seen to be alert, I suppose, and typical of their breed with those wild eyes. I'm told that if the horse and handler don't get along well, the horse simply won't perform. There was actually one horse and handler and it was quite magical to watch - almost like a ballet in the movements between them both. It's a whole different world though and one I'm absolutely not qualified to comment on with any expertise as I have none.

  3. Anonymous25 June, 2007

    I have seen some horse trained and didn't like what they were doing to the animals. But it is just me and how I feel about living things. I have high regard for things like trees that lots of people butcher almost at will.

    Thanks for the kind explanation. I appreciate it a lot.

  4. I love so much the photo: brilliant colours, great capture and scene but i also love to see how Abraham knows everything concerning animals. Love it.

  5. Katie's photo is amazing. And the horse is gorgeous. The hair on that horse is glossy and shiny. Amazing.


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