18 June 2007

Power walking

We're told the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world - all those fresh veggies, fish and olive oil - and that's why the locals live so long. I'll tell you why they live so long - apart from their diet - it's because they have to walk endlessly up and down the hills. Take this lady walking up a very steep and long hill. She eventually took a well-deserved rest, outside the old town walls in Sospel. Her dog, mind you, a rather chubby Miniature Pinscher, looks as if he might not be fed a Mediterranean diet...


  1. Wow, look at the height of that stone wall!

    One time, someplace in Provence, our Renault was begrudgingly climbing a steep road when a very elderly lady (looked to be a 100!) passed us effortlessy on her bike! In her basket, we spied lots of fresh veggies from the local marche...

  2. Yes, I bet walking up and down hills and steps does help keep the heart and lungs healthy!

  3. she kind of reminds me of the cartoon Maxine!

  4. Brilliant

    Just to let you know I've linked to this from a post on Hyde DP today.


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