21 June 2007

Stairway to heaven

Stone steps just off the cobbled road that leads to the top of the Medieval village of Gorbio.


  1. It must get pretty damp with all that stone.
    Look at that lamp "post" :-D

  2. Love these steps--very charming!

  3. Hi Jilly! Tks for dropping in and leaving a kind comment about young Karl M.

    I was impressed when I read about his achievements in spite of a terrible childhood. I guess you've discovered that he made it so far as to become a respected friend of the great J-W von Goethe his very self!! Karl would be amazed to learn that close by Richmond Hill (in Petersham)is the site of the German School for London. He deserves that, doesn't he? I'll show that a bit later.

  4. Anonymous22 June, 2007

    Nice photograph. I think this up and down is even more pronounced than in West Virginia.

    I am back from my self-imposed vacation.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  5. quaint to look at but I'd never try to climb them

  6. Lovely stone steps! What a beautiful place!

  7. Anonymous24 June, 2007

    love this photo--quite medieval!


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