17 June 2007

Messing about in a boat

Remember I said I wanted to photograph Menton Old Town from the sea? So today was the day. Picnic packed, wine in the cooler, bikini in the bag - found my friend's boat in the harbour of Garavan. John dropped anchor in a pretty bay in Italy, not far across the border. And then it rained - and rained - and rained. And you can stop laughing, Isabella!

Meanwhile, here's a boat I snapped whilst we were moored - you can 'just' see part of Menton Old Town in the distance. And look at those clouds - and this was 'after' the rain.


  1. Yes, I can see those old town on the background, right? From your perspective it looks like level of water close to level of town, I hope am wrong though. Interesting picture.

  2. I am not laughing and I don't feel sorry for you, either ;-)
    Boating on the Mediterranean with friends (and wine!), dropping anchor in Italy - who cares if it rained!

    (and now you have an excuse to do it again, right?)

    Love that sailboat photo!

  3. Lovely! And I love the reference to Wind in the Willows...

  4. Sorry about the rain. Wish you had better weather to enjoy the sea and view.

    The little houses on the middle left of your photo look interesting. Is that the Italian side or French?

  5. Isabella is right - even in the rain you're still on a sailboat in the Med! Can't be too bad!


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