07 June 2007

Gorbio Village - Bar Les Terrasses 2

Here's a wider view of the village 'place' and Bar Les Terrasses that you saw the other day.


  1. Anonymous07 June, 2007

    You are taking some really nice shots and for me they are refreshing to see what the rich and famous do.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Remember "The World's Ugliest Cat?" He got a haircut!
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. Lovely place to be.
    It's raining in Mumbai and do log in to mumbaidailysnapshot.blogspot.com to watch Mumbai rain.

  3. You're very lucky to live in the city with mountains and sea. We in Poland have sea on the one side of coutry and mountains on the second part. And that's so sad.

  4. Very beautiful setting. I can only dream...

  5. So this is it, I recognize it now. After today's photo I ran a Google search on Les Terrasses and guess which 2 links were at the top of the list ;-)


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