12 June 2007

A quick slurp

Driving out of Sospel (see yesterday's post) I suddenly came across a couple moving their cattle. The dog did most of the work but at one point grabbed one quick slurp of water from a puddle - it was a hot day - but didn't allow himself more than a second to do it. His master controlled him with hand signals. Lovely dog, a mix of some sort and not much sheepdog evident. Sure knew what he was doing though.


  1. Ah, yes - the life of a working dog...As opposed to us (you and me, Jilly) who would carry a water bottle on those hot days for our pooches ;-)

    This is a lovely scene - don't see that here in the States...
    Did you have to wait long to continue on your way?

  2. My little daschund will herd the old blind and deaf cocker spaniel in the yard to help her get back to the house. The big dogs like to round up children at the park They do not like them to be spread out! LOL It always freaks out the oparents to see these big dogs gently herding the children into a big cirlce!

  3. We all need our work. It fulfills us.

  4. You live in a very beautiful part of the world i think. The dog looks like it might have some kelpie in it maybe?

  5. Funny picture! I love it!
    I hope you didn't have to wait too much ;-)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday!
    Maraï from Brisbane

  6. Delightful! It's wonderful when man and beast work together instead of man asserting his domain and killing off the species. Now, you photo sent me off in such a serious direction for such a commonplace activity!!

  7. Working dogs like this one in the photo probably LOVE their jobs. Knowing dogs and how they love to have fun, it is probably an adventure for them to heard the cattle.

  8. Only waited five minutes, Isabella and Marai - long enough to take some photographs from the car window. The cattle were being brought down from a street on the left, walked along this main road for about 100 metres and then took off up a side-road (track) to the right.

  9. Anonymous15 June, 2007

    Waiting in your car while the real world goes about its business is never bad


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