29 June 2007

Dieu X deux

Walking up to the top of the Old Town the other day, this shot presented itself - one I'd not seen before - showing the steeples of both churches. This was taken from the cemetery.


  1. Anonymous29 June, 2007

    You have got to be the fittest lady in Menton. Anybody who walks up and down hills all day long has got to have some strong leg muscles, and a few other things.

    I like this photograph. I like the idea that it is something you can see from the graveyard. It is a view the undertakers never talk about.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Tiger Swallowtail

  2. Thank you for showing us these steeples Jilly. I've been wondering about those tall buildings in the facade.

    Abe, that is so true! Those hills are so steep! :)

  3. nice shot and I love the house from yesterday too I want to go up and knock on the door and look around inside!

  4. This shot really caught my eye... really wonderful.
    I have to wonder how many places you climbed to and stood before you snapped this one. It is fab!

  5. When you first start climbing the Old Town it's steep - but once you get up one particularly onerous big, it's easier and gets even easier as you reach the top. There are many ways to get to the top actually. I was so lucky with this shot and the hat yesterday - both taken in the afternoon and all the better for it. Normally I whizz out first thing. An error!

    Thanks to everyone for commenting.

  6. Beautiful picture and wonderful both churches!

  7. Is there ever a photo of Menton that is not beautiful...what an amazing paradise! And, echoing Abe and others, I'm impressed by your treks up the steep terrain. You work tirelessly for your bloggers. Any coconut ice offered to you along the trails?
    ;-) Merci!

  8. The view of those campaniles against the sea breaks my heart, it is so lovely. Breathtaking, it really resonates with me.


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