22 June 2007

Gorbio village

Gorbio is one of several hill villages near to Menton. You can photograph Gorbio from either side - indeed from several angles and tomorrow I'll show you a photograph taken from the other side of the village, where the houses tumble down the hillside, rather like Menton Old Town - but smaller of course. This is more or less the view I see when I walk up my track to the mailbox. The large house on the left is the original Maison de Maitre. Sometimes I wish I lived in the old village itself - far greater sense of community I'm sure - much lugging of wine up the steep walking street though (no cars can get into the village, the roads are far too narrow) - so hardly the place to look after other people's dogs, which is what I do.


  1. This makes me think of "My Mother's Castle."

  2. Anonymous22 June, 2007

    Another beautiful photograph. Your work is fascinating.

  3. Anonymous23 June, 2007

    Your last four posts have been superb Jilly, I particularly like this shot.

  4. What a wonderful village! Stunning photo!

  5. What a lovely photo!! The Maison de Maitre looks like a castle.

    If there are no cars to Gorbio, what is the village's source of income? Who lives there?


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